Friday, April 8, 2011

Food, Healthcare, Education, Transportation, Cellular phone. What?
Watch t.v and you will see something about, Assurance Wireless and about two to three other free cell phone offers, but here's the catch; you have to be on public assistance for this program. Big government will get you anything you need, just come to them with your hat in your hand ans ask for a government handout.I know wow, thats mean ,you sound like those mean republicans that hate children and old people.
I know there are "needy people" out there. I have a great solution. Your local church or non- profit like the red cross,would do so  much better than the government any day of the week, and twice on Sunday. As a bus operator, there are some people think it's their right for this assistance. That the government needs to take care of them. One group, sad to  say is our military veterans. Now if they are hurt in the line of duty,then yes. But just because you are a veteran, you are not entitled to public assistance. I am a veteran of  the first gulf war if anybody was wondering.  I hope some one will wake from this slumber and see what is going on here. Government with taxes has taking from me and give it to someone else because they can, if i did that ,i would hounded by the police and arrested for robbery, if had a weapon, then armed robbery,and assault anyone with that weapon it's aggravated assault with a weapon,just amazing what the federal government gets away with everyday. So 12 hours till shut down of the federal government, happy trails.


  1. Yes, big government also has assistance for the poor wives of Morgan Stanley. The wives received 220 million in bailout money. I'm sure the press-titutes in the media will not reveal this story.

  2. Hey Jim ,you they were too big to fail,and damn if these wives arent happy then no one in the treasury department is happy.