Saturday, April 9, 2011

Federal government ,an answer for everything.

After all the fear based talk on the news, i wonder if you really listened. The Federal Government is the answer for everything.800,000 employees without a job, military personnel will not be paid ,mortages cannot be filed, tax refund checks can't be mailed out, social security checks are not going to get the people on fixed income, they need their money, so on and so on. The Federal Government was made to look like the Saviour in all this mess,what is need to fix all this,MORE GOVERNMENT, you have got to be kidding me. The whinning, who is going to save us if the federal government shuts down? It was appauling  to say the least. Where is the America that had some intestinal foritude? Now America is afraid of it's own shadow and wants it's security blanky. Well America if you need a better mouse trap or a set of balls, look no further than the Federal Government, it's in the Presidents Drawer marked, in case of emergency, just squeeze.

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