Monday, April 9, 2012

Broward driver busted by cops, exonerated by cellphone - Coral Springs -

Broward driver busted by cops, exonerated by cellphone - Coral Springs -
Here's the thin blue line that police use to justify their called lying, even under oath,sworn statements too. I bet you $5 against a doughnut hole these fuckers union step in and get their sentence down to next to nothing. A personal opinion, CORAL SPRINGS SUCKS!  Never liked the place anyway. Here's a department that Sheriff Al Lamberti needs to take over. Or just let the citizens hire a their own private security firm,Black water does a bang up job,just give them a call , a special ops team will be repelling in you location soon. Hopefully taxpayers of Coral Springs will be outrage by the actions of these bad apples. And take a stand.
 Effective the October 8, 2011 pay ranges are as follows (Fiscal Year 2011/2012) :
                                      Minimum          Maximum
Law Enforcement Officer 53,866              80358
Sergeant 72,375                                          99,302
Lieutenant 83,593                                       115,190

As you can see what these cops make. This is from the contract with the city of coral springs. Read all the benifits they get to harrass the citizens of coral springs.It's freakin amazing.And to boot "power" to arrest anyone
for minor offenses. Ain't government services great?

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Get a laugh!

With Liberty takin it on the chin from the dictatorship of the last 2 administrations. We need to get a laugh!  Great News! Joe Rogan will be at the Comedy Improv at the Seminole Hard Rock in Hollywood FL.
Tickets are $25
2 drink minimum
April 13-15.
Joe Rogan supports Ron Paul!
Come on out and support Liberty with Joe Rogan!