Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Broward raises property tax

 Broward County Commissioners voted 5 to 4 on raising property tax and cut services. Three transit routes gone, shorter hours at the libraries and parks. The new Supervisor of Elections building is scrapped and the replacement library on Sunset Strip in Sunrise scrapped. Wow what to do about all these cuts. finally government is feelimg the pinch like John Q. Public.Everyday he or she has to make decisions on montary policy, and live with in their means , Welcome to the real world  government, it's not so fun after all is it, have another fork full of humble pie. Like some crow with that too? When muni raise taxes they are stealing from you and me. Tax is thief. I saw a bumpersticker that reads " Freedom isn't free ,Stop whinning and pay your taxes!" Can you say sheeple? But thats the message of the republicrats and demopublicans.How can they provide for yours and mine freedom if we don't pay taxes? If something isn't done soon, there will be more mindless jerks out there.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

This is for Boston Tea Party of Florida at yahoo groups Also South Florida BTP, and Broward BTP at yahoo groups.
Hope to see y'all there.

This is " NEW"

This is a new Libertarian Alternative in Broward County, Florida. Broward County is the most liberal county in the state of Florida. Broward County is the reason George Bush became President in 2000. With 9 county commissioners ,all demopublicans(democrats), corruption, just raised the millage rate in Broward County. Funny there is a democrat in the state house, that says he defends the American dream, but, every time he sends out political advertisements, it's all about education programs he fought for,AMERICAN DREAM IS ABOUT OWNING PROPERTY, not an education!Now they just raised the bus fare on the county transit system. This is the third time in 5 years from $1.00 to now $1.75(effective October 1st 2010).They really care about the poor and the economically disadvantage.