Monday, October 18, 2010

The problem is Sugar

The Sun Sentinal had a article about chocolate milk. It has become a problem in our public schools,Wait, a problem. Not bullying ,not gangs, A.D.D., nope ,nope ,and nope. It's the sugar in the chocolate in the  milk.Wow if's that the case, then all of the schools problems are solved. Teachers will actually teach, no more needs for a union,and the school board will be a useful tool, not plague with corruption charges. They are looking to ban chocolate milk. ohhh the horror of chocolate milk, Excuse me, but, i cannot learn anything it the chocolate milk is the reason i kicked to death my class mate. I couldnt help myself when i lit my class mate on fire because of the chocolate milk. I killed my class mate because i'm a lesbian and she dissed me, it was because of the chocolate milk. When are they going to take responsibility and fess up we suck at teaching kids, then they will blame the unions ,or the principle, i got it ,It's George Bush's fault.

Friday, October 15, 2010


Broward Boston Tea Party postition on Amendments this Nov 2nd.
Amendment-1 Support
Amendment-8No Decision
Amendment-9 was removed from the ballot by two justices( Justice LaBarga and Justice Perry)
Amendment-9 was the Florida Healthcare Freedom Act, which Florida Did not have to take the ObamaCare, the federal mandate.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Legalize it

In recent article by the Broward New times, the article was about legalizing "MaryJane", marijuana. The reason for the prohibition on weed is because of the cotton and timber lobbyist. Hemp the cousin of weed, is a great source of cloth, paper ,and alternative fuels. The root word of canvas is cannabis. I read somewhere  where the U.S. Constitution is written on hemp paper.After some research,Thomas Jefferson, Benjamin Franklin,and George Washington all grew hemp. Ben Franklin had a hemp paper mill. Hemp makes better cloth than cotton because, Hemp is mildew resistant. Alternative fuel is unmatched by corn and switch grass.It's funny you dont hear the present  administration say anything about this except it's George Bush's fault, Well some of it is, especially ethanol, Using good corn and subsidizing farmer not to plant corn, so there will be a corn shortage.Therefore raising the price of corn at the grocery store. Ladies and gentlemen, that's Keynesian Economics for you. I do believe the dumb shit has to come to an end. Van Jones didnt even advacate this, except call out the white evironmentalist as racist, No thats enterainment. Big Pharma dont want this and Big Brother dont want this ,we can't have every Tyrone Dick and Harry smoked out with the munchies.Just let people live their lives .

Friday, October 1, 2010

Godamn Progressives

I subscribe to Organizing for America(OFA) and Democracy for America(DFA). These cats are on the ball. The message is delusional. " If the Racists Tea Partiers win ,It will be  Bush-Cheney all over again :( ". But the work that they do is very impressive. The only time they do work hard. Complaining about 'the man', but working hard for 'the man'. Thinking 'the man' have their best interest at heart. If they only knew. If they just look at Libertarians ,we live by our creed. You do your thing and we will do ours. Instead, You do our thing and we will do ours. Making every thing fair, Well shit every NFL team needs a undefeated season, like the 72 dolphins, or multiple Superbowl wins ,or if the home team scores a touchdown and extra point ,the other team gets 5 points automatically, just to be fair. If that happens who would be watching the NFL or college games anyway. I hope these ol guys and gals wake up. Life isn't fair, so as the Navy SEALS say "shut the fuck up and cowboy up".