Monday, October 18, 2010

The problem is Sugar

The Sun Sentinal had a article about chocolate milk. It has become a problem in our public schools,Wait, a problem. Not bullying ,not gangs, A.D.D., nope ,nope ,and nope. It's the sugar in the chocolate in the  milk.Wow if's that the case, then all of the schools problems are solved. Teachers will actually teach, no more needs for a union,and the school board will be a useful tool, not plague with corruption charges. They are looking to ban chocolate milk. ohhh the horror of chocolate milk, Excuse me, but, i cannot learn anything it the chocolate milk is the reason i kicked to death my class mate. I couldnt help myself when i lit my class mate on fire because of the chocolate milk. I killed my class mate because i'm a lesbian and she dissed me, it was because of the chocolate milk. When are they going to take responsibility and fess up we suck at teaching kids, then they will blame the unions ,or the principle, i got it ,It's George Bush's fault.

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