Friday, October 1, 2010

Godamn Progressives

I subscribe to Organizing for America(OFA) and Democracy for America(DFA). These cats are on the ball. The message is delusional. " If the Racists Tea Partiers win ,It will be  Bush-Cheney all over again :( ". But the work that they do is very impressive. The only time they do work hard. Complaining about 'the man', but working hard for 'the man'. Thinking 'the man' have their best interest at heart. If they only knew. If they just look at Libertarians ,we live by our creed. You do your thing and we will do ours. Instead, You do our thing and we will do ours. Making every thing fair, Well shit every NFL team needs a undefeated season, like the 72 dolphins, or multiple Superbowl wins ,or if the home team scores a touchdown and extra point ,the other team gets 5 points automatically, just to be fair. If that happens who would be watching the NFL or college games anyway. I hope these ol guys and gals wake up. Life isn't fair, so as the Navy SEALS say "shut the fuck up and cowboy up".

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