Thursday, February 17, 2011

The Government shutsdown March 4th. ALRIGHT!!!!

The current federal budget was released by President Obama a few days ago. With no real budget cuts, Defense spending,which is 60% of the federal budget,or entitlement programs. As result of the failure of stop gap measures by the Congress, the federal government will shut down March 4th.

Hopefully the government will be shut down for atleast 6 weeks, you know, for April 15 ,Tax Day.That will mean all those agents will have to go home and not harass the American people about paying taxes on their income, for which there is no law. Department of Indoctrination, i meant Education.
My calendar is marked for March 4th for Government Shutdown Day.Just wish it would go for another 365 days.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Ron Paul wins CPAC, Again

Ron Paul wins CPAC straw poll.Again. Dr Paul won with 30% of the vote,verus former Mass.Governor Mitt Romney with 23%,and Former New Mexico Governor Gary Johnson tied with 6% with NJ Governor Christie.Poor Sarh Palin got only 3% and Mike Huckabee got 2%.Some other issues were polled.reducing the size of the federal government came in 2010 at 52% ,this year 53%.reducing government spending ,in 2010 came in at 33%, this year 38%. Senator Graham said "The Republicans can beat Obama in 2012". If its anybody other than Ron Paul,Senator Graham, No you will not.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Pain clinics or Marijuana?

The town of Davie and the city of Fort Lauderdale are stepping up enforcement of pain clinics in their respective cities, urge more doctors on the spot and other regulations. Last week on the radio i heard that 7 deaths a day are caused by pain medication overdose. Now if marijuana was legal, how many deaths would happen in a 7 day period? From using marijuana, i'm willing to bet "NONE". Let's see 7 deaths aday from overdose of pain medication or munchies from smoking some weed? I'm not a rocket scientist , but it looks like weed is a clearer and safer winner.The kids i heard raid the parents medicine cabinet, and have a "pharm" party or a "skittles" party. It's where they use all the pills in one bowl and everyone starts taking meds,and happy trails, which usually ends in a trip to the E.R. and sometimes in death. I do hope sanity sets in soon.