Sunday, April 24, 2011

DownsizeD.C. ,Jim Babka needs your help!

There are two Downsize DC organizations.
 *, Inc. (hereafter, ORG) _educates_ the powerful, especially Congress.
 * Downsize DC Foundation (Foundation) educates the public.
Most days, we send you this Dispatch from ORG, with a congressional action item.
So far this year, the Foundation has participated in two amicus curiae briefs in federal courts, worked in a coalition to protect charitable groups from new and onerous state regulation, and consulted with activists working on other projects. It also has published more than 30 blog entries.  

Today's message is about the Foundation.
I need BOTH of these organizations, and I need to keep money flowing into each of them, for both functional and legal reasons. So I'm in a bit of a bind right now . . .
I'm $5,400 short on the Foundation side. It's not a lot of money, but it's a serious problem. Here's some good news . . .
Contributions to the Foundation are tax deductible (that's not true of ORG).
Here's more good news: ORG has a lot of new donors coming in lately. Thus, in some ways our financial situation has never been better, but . . .
What I really need is for some supporters who donated last year to renew their support, and for them to invest in the Foundation. If you can do this, please click here.
New donors are welcome too, of course. If you've been thinking of starting a monthly pledge, and you need tax deductions for the coming year, consider starting a monthly pledge with the Downsize DC Foundation.
Also, we can accept appreciated securities, saving the donor capital gains taxes. If you'd like to donate stock, please email us at Feedback at DownsizeDC dot ORG.
Thanks in advance!
Jim Babka
Downsize DC Foundation
&, Inc.
P.S. Here are some of the Foundation's latest blog entries . . .
D o w n s i z e r - D i s p a t c h
Official email newsletter of, Inc. & Downsize DC Foundation.
SUPPORT the "Educate the Powerful System".

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