Wednesday, April 6, 2011

And another shutdown under way. I can only hope.

As blogged on this site 17 Feb,2011. March 4th, a government shutdown was averted, I was heartbroken. Atlantic news wire, has stated that if a government shutdown happens, the post office will remain open.The I.R.S. will be CLOSED. Someone tell me where's the problem in this picture?Parks and Monument services will be shutdown, but social security checks will be still mailed out.The I.R.S. will be CLOSED. The taxpayers for once will be able to breathe.If you are waiting on the refund check, keep waiting, i mean the check is in the mail, because the post office is still open. For being stand up, 21 Senate Democrats sent John Boehner a letter stating "That if government shuts down that the Senate and House and the President, should not get paid". Once again i fail to see the problem. This might curb some of the vacation time for the First Family. Give Air Force ONE a needed rest. Here we are at the cross roads ,again. I want to see a shutdown.

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