Tuesday, July 24, 2012

It's done on the National Committee, Not Here!

Here's a message from National Chairman of The Boston Tea Party, Darryl W. Perry


I first joined the BTP in 2006 and have been on the National Committee since 2008 when I was elected as an At-Large Rep. In 2010 I was elected Chair, and was re-elected this Spring.
Due to the lack of involvement from party members for most of 2011, a resolution was introduced to disband the party.
Whereas the membership of the BTP is largely inactive, and
Whereas the number of State affiliates has decreased since 2008;
Be it therefore resolved, at the close of this National Convention, that the Boston Tea Party shall cease to exist as a political party.
This resolution failed, however member activity has remained stagnant.
I am incredibly disappointed with the party members and in myself for not being able to motivate people to action. While I would love for the BTP to grow and become a viable alternative to the older more established parties, it does not appear the membership is willing to help the party grow.
I regret to announce that effective immediately, I am resigning as Chair of the Boston Tea Party National Committee. With only two remaining members of the National Committee, my resignation effectively disbands the BTP.
I will continue to work towards complete freedom and hope you will join me in this peaceful fight.
In Peace, Freedom, Love & Liberty,
Darryl W. Perry 
I want to thank Mr. Perry for his dedication to Liberty and Freedom. I hope the best for his freedom projects .
I will keep this blog going under the BTP name. I hope to have a cadre' to start it again. Education and outreach is important. 
Join me in this project! 

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