Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Libertarian , Classic Liberal. a small brief .

Libertarian, Libertarian-ism,a classic liberal, such a strange creature. This person is slandered and is made to be a whack -a - do. A word ,Senator  John McCain calls people ,who love Liberty.

Let's look a this word: Libertarian, it is made up of two words. Liberty and a suffix -arian.
This word started to come around 1789-1790. Liber, which is Latin, means "free".

The word , Liberty, means Freedom ,from Control, Interference ,obligation, restriction, hampering conditions. Power or right of doing, thinking ,speaking ,according to choice.
Freedom from Arbitrary or Despotic Government or Control.
The British Dictionary defines Liberty as ,The Power of Choosing, thinking and acting for oneself.

Now the suffix,-arain forming nouns, denotes a person who supports ,advocates,or practices a doctrine,theory, or set of principles associated with the base word.
Libertarian, a person who advocates for Liberty.
A person, who maintains the Doctrine of Free Will.
Nothing Whack- a-do about that.Is there? That's what Libertarians want freedom for them and most of all ,You! the Individual. The person that the group think has forgot. Everybody gets pooled by race, gender, sexual orientation, religious views. But the narrative of the Individual gets left out.
Even Libertarians, have two(2) camps, Minarchist, and Anarchist.
Minarchist believe in some form of government. While the Anarchist believe in Self Rule, or no government. Yes even Libertarians, have differences among themselves. But most of all ,

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