Wednesday, December 4, 2013

What's Wrong? Everything!

The Word ,Wrong. Here's the meaning.
1. Not in conformity with fact or truth; incorrect or erroneous.
a. Contrary to conscience, morality, or law; immoral or wicked.
b. Unfair; unjust.

Everything is wrong. The laws the federal government and state ,some municipalities make, are wrong. 
The police officers, who enforce those laws are wrong. They are the bully's of the state. and Bullying is WRONG!
 The banks are making a bundle on the housing bubble. They are making a bundle on the foreclosures. Using the lawyers and the courts to evict people out of a house that they made a home. Using the County Sheriff Deputies to enforce that eviction notice. That is just WRONG!

People keep complaining ,that there needs to be a "third party", and don't vote for that "third party" because  they are not viable. That's WRONG! It's time for individuals to wake up, take the wool from your eyes and see. You are that person ,you have been waiting for. Yes , it's YOU! 

You are needed in this crisis. I am willing to help you,but you got to break free from something. The T.V. , your favorite program. your poker night with the boys, What ever you hold near and dear to you. You got to give it up. This is going to take alot of your time,but what you get back in return is powerful and immeasurable. Your Liberty. Not just for you, but your posterity. 

This is what is at stake, your liberty and your future.  
Time to work! i will let you know, when and where.
Everything is wrong. That makes alot of room to make it right!


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