Wednesday, April 17, 2013

The President's Budget!

I never looked at budgets before, numbers in the thousands and seeing increases for entitlements, defense readiness, so on, just blah, blah, blah. Then i started investing, i learn from Mr.Mad Money himself , Jim Cramer, how to read a balance sheet. Long term liabilities, assets, and when you see numbers in parentheses,it means negative
. I looked at the Presidents budget the other day, his compensation and benefits. Wow! The President gets paid $400,000 a year, with a expense account of $50,000.
All this falls under,the Executive Office of The President.
Executive Residence 12.7  million
Special Assistance to the President $4.3 million
Unanticipated Needs $1 million.( Petty Cash in my words).
The White House, the support staff for the President $55.1 million.

If you think i am making this up, here is the scoop

And once i find my Representatives Budget , i will post that too.
Even though it shows reductions everywhere, the point is, that's alot of money. I hope the people see this and are sick. One Presidential candidate stated, if elected President, he would take a pay cut,only one. Congressman Ron Paul from Texas. From $450,000 to just $49,000. Romney would have been no better either.

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