Sunday, December 18, 2011

Take The Power Back

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Welcome to the first installment of "Take the Power Back: 7 Simple Things You Can Do To Reclaim Your Voice and Restore the Republic!"
Have you ever felt that the problems facing us in this country are so vast, so numerous, and so overwhelming that there is almost nothing we can do?  I have.
Elections come around every two years, and we get a chance to "vote the bums out."  But usually, we have to replace them with another set of bums.  Any changes that occur at the federal level will only happen slowly, and over time, if ever.  
Political action by itself is not enough without education.  Our government schools have dumbed us down over several generations.  The battle for change must be a two-fisted fight that involves both Education and Action.
Ideally, if we can find a way to combine our Education and Activism, the more effective we will be.  It's my desire to give you tools to accomplish that mission.
So, here are the first of 7 simple ideas that you can use TODAY to influence and impact other people with the message of freedom and liberty.  There is nothing Earth shattering here.  No proprietary information.  Just tools that people have used or are using to change people's minds, which ultimately changes society.
Simple Strategy #1: Bumper Sticker Evangelism.
A no-brainer.  But think about it.  How many time have you seen a bumper sticker that sticks with you?  Not literally :) But the message stays in your mind.  The truth is, you may not always know if the message stuck, because it lodges itself in your subconscious.
Bumper stickers can accomplish several things:
1. Expose new people to a new message.  People you will never meet, and you will never see again, see your message.  You are forcing it into their minds...but in a nice way.  Do you realize how powerful that is?  They may disagree with you, and even get mad at you.  You might even get the single-finger salute if you happen to drive in front of the wrong person.  But you have planted a powerful seed that they may not be able to get out of their minds.
2. Reinforce a familiar message.  Marketing experts say it takes a minimum of seven exposures to a message before someone will take action.  I think the number is much higher.  Especially today, we are literally bombarded with messages from everywhere, at all times.  Most of us have learned to tune out the noise.  Your bumper sticker may be the sixth or seventh touch for someone.  It may be what causes them to make the shift to your point of view.  In this case, you get to water the seed that someone else planted.  
3. Encouragement.  It's lonely business being a freedom fighter!  Let me tell you from personal experience, it feels great to see another motorist trucking down the freeway with a bumper sticker that makes me say "Amen!"  It's encouraging to we see other people speaking the same message. 
Bumper stickers: Not just for bumpers anymore!
So, what exactly should you do with the bumper sticker?  Put it on your bumper of course!
Seriously, the bumper of your car is just one place you can put the sticker.  Why not try this:
1) Get some magnetic backing from the local hardware store, and putting the sticker on the magnet.  
2) Cut the magnet to size.  
3) Put the magnet on the rear-facing trunk lid, or on your truck tailgate.
Do this for a wide selection of stickers, and you can turn your car into a rotating billboard with different messages every week...or every day!
This is also great for those of you with a nice, expensive don;t want to get that gooey adhesive on it, do you?
You might be asking "Where's the best place to get bumper stickers?"  I recommend getting them from my good friend Rick McGinnis here in Austin, TX.  Check out his website:!
Well, until tomorrow, keep fighting the good fight for freedom!
In Liberty,
Jason Rink
P.S.-Feel free to forward this message to a friend, and if they like it, let them know they can sign up to be a part of this series at!

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