Monday, August 29, 2011

Libertarians= selfish bastards, yeah ,But!

Reading a post on facebook from a progressive/communist website, The story is about Ron Paul being anti-woman, anti-black,anti-gay, and whatever else,the story is called "5 reasons Progressives should treat Ron Paul with extreme caution ". one of the post on the article goes " What did you expect, Definitions Libertarians=selfish bastards" ,that comment was made by a fema
le and i wondered. Yes , Libertarians are selfish. We like to keep our fruits of our labor. We like to our right to live without government intervention. We like our right to our property, land or money, that was rightfully earned. We are selfish ,to keep what we make, we get out of that comfy bed and drag ourselves to work and watch other people ,who are gaming the system, bitch and moan about ,the man and what is owed to them ,and not being treated right by this racist country, so on and so on. But  ,Libertarians have no problem ,with anybody KEEPING their property, money or rights. If you earned it or received it through a inheritance or a joint venture. Progressives probably got picked last for ever neighborhood game, i did, but i did not cry. I learned football and learned to throw ,catch and most importantly block. Libertarians have a Zero Aggressive Principle.

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