Thursday, May 12, 2011

Take to the House, and call !

Quote of the Day: "Give me a long enough lever and a place to stand, and I can move the world." -- Archimedes
This is about how you can get Speaker of the House, John Boehner, and House Majority Leader, Eric Cantor, to do what you want.
These two men lead the House Republicans. If they oppose raising the debt ceiling then so will most House Republicans. Congress would have to stop borrowing money and balance the budget immediately.
Think about what I'm saying . . .
The fate of trillions of dollar in wasteful, unconstitutional spending rests in the hands of just two men -- John Boehner and Eric Cantor.

These two men have exalted, powerful positions, but they still have to face election every two years, like every other lowly member of the House.
There are rumors that Boehner may face primary challenges from Tea Party candidates in the next election. Boehner and Cantor may both be extremely vulnerable to public opinion. In fact . . .
Boehner has shown signs of buckling to public pressure. For instance, his latest proposal is that budget cuts must be larger than the amount of increase for the debt ceiling. That's actually a pretty good, but it's still NOT as good as NOT raising the debt ceiling!
Remember, the debt ceiling is supposed to be a cap, NOT a mere speed bump on the way to bankruptcy. Here's the key point . . .
You have the power to make Boehner and Cantor nervous, or perhaps even submit. If so, then you will have been instrumental in cutting hundreds of billions of dollars from the federal budget, OVERNIGHT!
The vulnerability of Boehner and Cantor is a powerful lever. Will you push it? It's not as hard as you might think. Just pick up your phone and dial this number . . .
When the phone is answered say this, "I'm a taxpayer calling to urge the Speaker to oppose raising the debt ceiling."
Then dial this number 202-225-4000
Say "I'm a taxpayer calling to urge Majority Leader Cantor to oppose raising the debt ceiling."
You may or may not be asked questions about where you're from. They'll probably just promise to report your opinion. Whatever the case may be . . .
1. Use's Educate the Powerful System to send a letter to YOUR representatives in Congress, telling them about the action you've just taken. Here's what I'll write after I complete my calls today . . .
I just called Speaker Boehner and Leader Cantor and told them, "I'm a taxpayer calling to urge you to oppose raising the debt ceiling." My message to you is the same. And, please join me in encouraging the leadership of your party to work for capping the debt, instead of making deals which will leave deficit spending in place.
2. Write us an email at FEEDBACK at DOWNSIZE DC dot ORG. Tell us you made the calls, so we can keep count. Please share anything interesting that may have happened during the calls.
This is a powerful lever. Will you push it? If you overcome the inertia and actually do it, I think you'll get a fantastic feeling from it.
Jim Babka
President, Inc.
D o w n s i z e r - D i s p a t c h

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