Friday, January 28, 2011

No Internet for You!

There was a show called "Seinfeld", everytime Seinfeld and Elaine went for soup,what happened No Soup for You.Well the Egyptian government did just that ,but , No Internet for You!. To stop the riot against Mubarak 30 year reign in Egypt, the government shutdown the internet,landline phones including cellphones.We are seeing the classic example of opposive Government ,with the will of the people,too for redress of grievances.One taxi driver is quoted,"Inflation has drained the people,Food, Fuel, Electricity, sugar, The rich are getting richer and the poor getting poorer".Egyptian Government is blaming Facebook for the riots too. Egypt shut down Vodaphone,a cell phone company in England,said Egypt has a right to shut us down by legislative means.Of course the government is blaming the Muslim Brotherhood for the rioting activities,which they denied.After neighbored country Tunisia, expelled their leader of 23 years,Egyptians felt it's time for "Change and Hope" and "Yes We Can", be free from American Imperialism. Yes You Can! And remember Jay Rockefeller was calling for the Kill Switch for the Internet a few months ago, this is why, you dont give government any power.
When people fear their government there is tyranny
When government fear it's people ,there is Liberty.

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