Thursday, December 30, 2010

President and V.P. nominations for the BTP

The Presidential & Vice Presidential nominees will be held beginning December 22, 2011 and lasting as many days as needed to chose the nominees.

In accordance with the bylaws Article 11 m) Notice of the party's intent to nominate candidates for the presidency and vice-presidency of the United States shall be published on the Party's web site one year before such election and nominations shall be opened, to be made through the appended comments form. All candidates who are nominated by two or more Party members, who meet the qualifications of office listed in the Constitution of the United States of America, and who affirm their support for the Party's platform and their willingness to accept the Party's nomination to the presidency and/or vice-presidency of the United States, shall be considered eligible nominees, any affiliations they may have with other political parties notwithstanding. All nominations and candidate affirmations must be received prior to the opening of that year's regular convention. The Chair shall take official notice of any candidate affirmations which may be fraudulent, and shall investigate, and issue a ruling as to the legitimacy of, such affirmations.

Article 11 o) As soon as practicable after the published opening date and time for the convention, member polls for the Party's nominations to the presidency and vice-presidency of the United States shall open and remain open for 24 hours. These polls shall include each of the prospective nominees, as well as "None of the Above," in alphabetical order. The method of voting shall be "approval voting." Each voting member may cast one vote for every candidate which he or she deems an acceptable nominee to the office. At the close of the poll, the candidate receiving the most votes, provided that he or she has also received a vote from a majority of voting members, shall be the nominee of the Party to the office. If no candidate has received a vote from a majority of voting members, then successive 24-hour polls shall be conducted in the same manner, with the candidate receiving the fewest votes in the previous poll eliminated, until such time as a candidate emerges with both the largest number of votes and votes from a majority of voting members. If, at the conclusion of any poll in this process, "None of the Above" receives both the largest number of votes and receives votes from a majority of voting members, the process shall end and the Party shall not nominate a candidate to the office in question for that election.

Please make nominations via comment to this thread.

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